Behind the Scenes (Chapter 2)

Hi World,

This is chapter 2 of my choose your own adventure book “Behind the Scenes” This chapter is called Preparations. If you have not read my book before: my book “BEHIND THE SCENES” is about a 12 year old girl named Mable who has lived at the Lepary hills underground headquarters ever since she can remember. And yes- you guessed it- she is an agent at the L.H.S.O (Lepary hills spy organisation). She is strong, smart and skilful in every area of the spy training system there is.

Chapter 1 “Mission Impossible” was about how Mabel got a mission opportunity from her boss, to find background information on Daniel Losken by Haley Losken (his adopted daughter) because he is a big suspect of smuggling “Pupley’s Soda” which has a non-curable effect of making whoever drinks it to never speak again. You readers chose mostly for Mabel to, drumroll… Accept the Mission! Seven of you chose to accept the mission, two of you chose for Mabel to let the boss decide for her, and one of you chose for Mabel to run out the door and quit her job as an agent- way too much pressure. As I said in chapter one, I recomend you listen to the clip below while reading this chapter.

Chapter two:


“You know, I knew you would accept the mission, you always had it in you.” Rob (Mabel’s handler) claimed. Mabel tried to take him seriously but the fact that he was trying to sit at his desk professionally didn’t help at all. Nope, she couldn’t do it. Rob gave up too-finally, he told Mabel to head to the gadget room to get her… well, gadgets for the mission, then to head up to the masquerade floor to get her disguise done.

As Mabel entered the gadget room Natalie (the head of tech produce) came and harassed Mabel with excitement telling her this mission was going to be successful, wow word spreads fast. You would think that the entire boss of a spy organisation would keep things a little more secretive.

Natalie began: “So, one of the most important things about your cover for this mission is making it incredibly believable, you want to look like an average 12 year old girl. Haley isn’t stupid you know, and I’m pretty sure an illegal Pupley’s soda smuggler would be pretty smart as well. Anyhow, you have a backpack, in that backpack you have a copy of Harry potter , lip gloss, an iPod, a pen, a texta, some candy, a perfume bottle, a change of clothes, and a zip lock bag filled with 12 square beads. The backpack has magnetic microfiber that you can set off, the Harry potter book has a built in hidden computer to contact the organisation, the lip gloss is actually filled with a tech produce gas that will put the target to sleep for exactly 1 hour, the iPod is a disguised Taser, the pen is a laser pen that will cut open glass and most metals- it also can reseal things back up, the texta will shape itself into any keyhole to open it, the candy can blow a lock off anything (if the texta doesn’t work) also it can blow off circuits, the perfume bottle will erase the targets memory of that day, the change of clothes are for if you need a different disguise, and lastly the beads have hidden cameras and can stick to any material. And of course Rob will give you your ear piece so he can talk to you. Here is your backpack.” It was pretty light considering it had all those gadgets in it, and it had magnetic microfiber. Mabel thanked Natalie and said bye, time to head to the masquerade floor.

The workers on the masquerade floor had a quick skim through Mabel’s file then one of them started to talk to her “Okay, so I seez ya az a happy, smartz looking girl but you feel a lot, youz got a lot of emotionz.” This guy seemed very professional. “We will need ze hair dye, ze hairzpray, ze walk in wardrobe, ze makeup, and someonez let Rob knowz Mabel will needz ze special spy glassez.” The disguising went something like this: hair washed, hair foiled, hair dyed, hair washed again, hair done, hair done again, hair done for the third time, hair sprayed, hair fixed, hair sprayed again numerous times, eyebrows dyed, 24 hour lip changer put on, cheek colour lifted 6×3, and lastly the workers took around 3 hours choosing Mabel’s “perfect outfit”.

“Ze ta da!” the professional disguiser said. Mabel had one look in the mirror and knew she was going to have to adjust to a lot.

To be continued!

Okay readers today I am doing a different kind of “what you chose” today. I have three photos of what they could have chosen for Mabel to look like, which ever picture gets the most votes will be the one Mabel has been turned into. Here they are:

Option A: Under cover Intelligence

chptr 2 behind the scenes disguise 1#

Option B: Bubbly Mole

Mabel in disguise chptr 2 2#

Option c: Out of place agent

Mabel in disguise chptr 2 3#

Song of the Month

Hey Readers,
Today I am starting something new called “Song of the Month” so each month I will be posting a little bit of information about a song, why I like it and the link to it. The first song of the month is (By the preview picture you can probably tell) drumroll…
I found a interview with Rachel Platten (The artist) on a website: about her FIGHT SONG if you want to check it out.
-So this song is rated 3 and 1/2 stars which is pretty awesome.
-The message sent is “Never ever give up in hard times or conditions.
-The first stanza is about how small steps can have large impact.
-The second stanza is about not wanting to make the same mistakes and repeating the past.
-The third stanza is about her you are the owner of your life, not anyone else.
-The fourth stanza explains that her past was due to others, and she feels overwhelmed
-In the last stanza’s she says: “she has a desire to restore her past. She feels spark in her bones to change her present and she has hope in spite of problems”.

Why I like this song

This song is so inspiring and is really, I guess “pure” I also like all the metaphors like “a small boat in the ocean” and “I might only have one match but I can make an explosion”. I really find this song really easy to picture and image, and the words and peices fit together to make a perfect blue sky.

This is the official Fight Song Video and it is totally appropriate, the only thing is it is pretty sad at first but then it’s smiles all around so it’s all good. This is it:


Behind the scenes (Chapter 1 mission impossible)

Hello readers,
this is my first chapter of behind the scenes: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Encase you haven’t read the character post: my book “BEHIND THE SCENES” is about a 12 year old girl named Mable who has lived at the Lepary hills underground headquarters ever since she can remember. And yes- you guessed it- she is an agent at the L.H.S.O (Lepary hills spy organisation). She is strong, smart and skilful in every area of the spy training system there is.
The preview picture today is of Mabel not in any disguise wearing a simple hoodie and the L.H.S.O training jeans. Remember after reading this chapter vote on what you think should happens next, because you could determinate Mabel’s future and the entire story can be flipped by one comment. I recommend that you listen to the clip below while reading though. Hope you enjoy the story, here is the first chapter:

Chapter One:
Mission impossible
“Hey Mayo, come over to the ring and show Boss Maudly how you do,” said Rob (Mabel’s handler.). “You know, I really prefer my actual name,” muttered Mabel. She hated Rob’s nickname for her, she didn’t even like the taste of mayo. Nevertheless she never missed an opportunity to impress the entire boss of L.H.S.O. As Mabel entered the ring her competitor tried to ace her with the usual Roundhouse kick, so to warm up she quickly jerked the back of his knee and he flung into the mat like a torpedo. Rob smacked his knee as he howled with laughter at the already losing 17-year-old challenger, up against 12-year-old Mabel. “That’s what happens when you put a red belt against our black belt,” said boss Maudly. The ashamed competitor trying to bring back his reputation was still on the floor so he yanked Mabel’s foot and she fell flat on her back. As the less flustered red belt jumped into position again Mabel-aiming to intimidate back flipped into what she called the grenade position and almost got him with a hook punch but he blocked it harshly. Then attempting to thrust her to the ground again the red faced, red belt tried a foot grab only to end up getting spin kicked to the ground. “OOOH, you just messed with the wrong Mayo,” Rob taunted. Mabel rolled her eyes.

“OK, I’ve seen enough.” Boss Maudly replied. Mabel decided to leave the poor red belt to it and headed over to the Boss. “I continue to be dazzled by your progress every time I check in to Rob.” Said Boss M. Rob tried to get a fist bump out of Mabel but she ignored him. “You’re getting a lot of work done behind the scenes.” He continued. Mabel was trying to understand what he was saying but she really needed him to just cut to the chase. “Look a new mission has come up, and I figure I want you to complete it but it would be the most complex and tough mission you will have ever done.” Mabel couldn’t imagine how tough it would be considering her previous tough missions. Although, on the other hand if she chose to accept this may well be her very own “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE”. She continued to think about this as Rob talked to Boss M for a minute. They told Mable she would be given the file now and she could tell Boss Maudly her decision tomorrow in his office at 8:00 sharp. When the Boss left Rob yakked on for 10 minutes and eventually gave Mabel the file.
Mabel checked in on the tech produce place, which everyone just called the gadget room to see if they had anything in stock especially for her. Mable said hi to Natalie (the head of tech produce) and asked if they had anything for her. “Only if you go on that mission,” Natalie replied. Erghh, what was so special about this mission? And why did everyone know about it? She needed to check out this file, and quick.

File for mission: 13473945

Mission: To get close with HAILEY LOSKEN.

Purpose: To find information of her father DANIEL LOSKEN who is a big suspect of smuggling illegal “Pupley’s soda” which has a non-curable effect of literally causing anyone who drinks it to never speak again.

Background Information: DANIEL LOSKEN adopted HAILEY when she was three months old. According to any few family members though, he never wanted a child. HAILEY is extremely insecure and sensitive; also terrible at bonding with anyone from an unforgettable experience of losing someone she loved. HAILEY although has an amazing HEART.

DANIEL and HAILEY’s relationship: DANIEL despises HAILEY and HAILEY just wants DANIEL to love her.

Need to know:
Why did DANIEL adopt HAILY?
Who did HAILY lose?
Is DANIEL smuggling?
End of File for mission: 13473945

“Gosh, no wonder Hailey feels so insecure and sensitive: her own dad doesn’t even love her.” Mabel accidently said dramatically out loud. The Boss did mention it was going to be tough if Mabel rose up to the challenge- he was right, this was a code CE mission, one of the toughest there is: A mission where emotions get in the way of getting the job done, many of Mabel’s close agents had failed code CE missions and had been lost forever. Mabel felt so overwhelmed that she shin kicked her stress dummy (Spies use these to get out their emotions using physical harm) three times in a row. All of a sudden Mabel had a gut feeling and knew exactly if she was going to do the mission or not. What will Mabel do?
a) Mabel will accept the mission, if anyone was going to complete it, it would be her.
b) Mabel will let the boss decide for her, after all he is the Boss
c) Mabel will not accept the mission; she is not ready for it.
d) Mabel will run out the door and quit her job as an agent, way too much pressure.

Behind the scenes (Character post)

Hello World!
Recently in year 6 rc we have been assigned the task to create our own choose your own adventure stroies. So basically each week we write a chapter of our stories on our blogs and at the end of each chapter there will be a cliffhanger where you readers can choose what happens next by voting. My book
is about a 12 year old girl named Mable who has lived at the lepary hills underground headquarters ever since she can remember. And yes- you guessed it- she is a spy at the L.H.S.O (Lepary hills spy orginisation). She is strong, smart and skillful in every area of the spy training system there is. To introduce the character I got my friend (she owes me) to dig up Mable’s headquarter profile that is printed below:

First name: Mable

Last name: BLANK
(She will find out when she is a legal adult for her own safety)

Appearance: Smooth tan-brown hair, Electric blue eyes that always seem to have something hidden behind them, and Crimson-Taffeta lips that match her thin cheekbones.

Date of birth: 12/05/2003

Characteristics: Strong, smart and skilful inside and out.

Occupation: Member of the L.H.S.O (Lepary hills spy organisation.)

Stay tuned for the first chapter,


Term 3 learning goal

Hello Readers,
recently in class 6T we have set term 3 learning goals. I decided to set my goal on the education of fitness. This year I would like to dedicate my spare time to become fitter and stronger. This is my smart goal for term three:

My term three S.M.A.R.T. goal

Goal: I would like to become more fit

S- specific
I would like to exercise on a daily basis to increase my health and amount of fitness I complete on a daily basis
I will know I have completed my goal after completing numerous fitness challenges including the junior school athletics carnival (the 1500, 200, 100 and long jump), the school fitness test at the end of the year, netball this term, the P.E weekly Rosie run, cycling and eating healthier and more balanced.
This goal is achievable for me for I have completed many sports and fitness tests before such as Ipsha swimming for school, school sports, and numerous swimming carnivals. Also I have achieved fast cycling scores before. Exercise is also achievable for me because I have already started training with my sister for the athletics carnival.
I will complete this goal with encouragement of my friends and family and motivation of my sister.
My goal’s time will be set for mostly term three but the whole accomplishment of getting fit will be finished at the end of the year.

That was my term three smart goal and I hope you readers think it is S.M.A.R.T.
Picture credit:



Hi Readers,
this is going to be my last post of passion action for it is the end of term 2 tomorrow and in the whole of year 6 we have completed our projects. Today we presented our projects in the JYA foyer to Mrs V (the head of junior school), some of the year 6 parents, fellow year 6’s and the year 5 students because they are creating their passion projects next year. It was a great experience, my passion project went really well, my music video was a success and it was a very enjoyable experince for me. The skills I learnt from creating the music video was the sound projection, the production of editing, fiming technigues (kepping the camera still is one), lighting settings, transitions through clips, the fact of what am I going to film, the story base of the video, and all along every single clip keeping the camera in focus. The pros and cons of the presentation were these: the cons: where I was placed in the JYA foyer wasn’t exactly a fabulous place to present, there were many people crammed in my area and not as much people came to visit the area, secondly the fact that 9 people were presenting per 10 minutes at the same time, when it was my turn to present a lot of people right near me were presenting at the same time and it was very distracting for most of the people near me presenting for they had music as well. The pros were the amount of people that came to watch the presentation was a very large number altogether and when it wasn’t your turn to present you got a chance to watch other peoples presentations. I really enjoyed creating the music video and I would really encourage creating one if anyone just thinks they might like to. Thanks for reading my last post on my passion project!


Fossil Fuels and the Future Essay

Hello World,
Charlotte here with some exiting news from tuesday, for school there was a competition open for roseville rotary. You could create an essay or speech and one would be chosen from the school to present in the rotary competition. The topics chosen for the speeches in my school were for the essay: Fossil fuels and the Futue, and for the speech: Our new classroom furniture in year 6. I decided to do the essay and I was very exicited to find out that I was going to rotary! It was on tuesday night. I presented the essay (I was very nervous) and the girl I was competing with was encredibly good and had a great essay based on the topic “Courage”. It was very close but I ended up acheiving a plark stating my winning at rotary that I could keep and my name on the sheild they keep at rotary which also has other names of people who have won in the past, it was a great experince for me and I really enjoyed it.



Hello World,
here to breif you up on my Passion Action. As I am creating music videos for my project there are lots of different elements to the proccess of making the music videos. Firstly, the songs of my videos are: 1) See you again by Wiz Khalifa, 2) Titanium by David Guetta, 3) Shutup and Dance by Walk the moon. The pros of recent filming and editing were today I got permission to use a camera to record some people dancing and having fun at my school. It is amazingly fun to brainstorm different ways of filming and shooting and the structure and storyline of my videos. The cons are with the music I can not download it on the app, I have to record from another device and it is extremly hard to make sure there is no noise in the backround. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the timing or come up at all of my footage. Thanks for tuning in,



Hi Everyone,
My very recent “Passion/Action…” was about how I was having difficulties with my movie. Well I have decided that since I might not be able to accomplish this goal I will be doing something along the lines of my movie. In the end of my movie I was going to do a music video to end the movie good, so I remember creating different dance combinations and different aspects to it. I really enjoyed this experience so I have decided to create a music video for my passion of wanting to film & direct, still have actors dancing, structering all the different aspects and especially along with filming learning the technique of this, like the right angles, lighting, scenery and clothing. I will probably be using the app “Imovie” for many reasons- mostly that it can edit, you can voice over and the there is many affects for filming that I can use. I am very excited for this project and can’t wait to get started- I will probably tonight. My chose of song that I am using for my music video is Shutup and Dance by walk the moon.

By the way if any Rosie girls are reading this if you possibly want to be in one of my music videos let me know- It will only be for one day I will need you.



Hello Readers,
I just want to breif you up on whats going on in “Passion Action” terms. Well things are going ok. I have created my movie script and have a basic idea of the filming scedule, sometime on monday, friday and saturday. I have a few actors but I have had a few bumps on the journey: It looks I might have gone a bit to far into all the rehersals and film dates, I was intending on having girls in my year, Year 6 act in my movie but a lot of them have comitments and ofcourse passion projects like me and I am struggling in finding whom I am filming. I probably went a bit far ahead without reaising and did not understand how much comitment I was asking. But I am coping and I’m sure it will be all right in the end, I just need to keep a grip on the wheel and try to sit comfortably in the car seat. if it comes to worst I can always change climate,I could make an animated movie or stopmotion. As my favourite quote says- “It is hard to fail but it is worse to have never tried to succeed.”-Theodore Rosevelt