Hi Readers,
this is going to be my last post of passion action for it is the end of term 2 tomorrow and in the whole of year 6 we have completed our projects. Today we presented our projects in the JYA foyer to Mrs V (the head of junior school), some of the year 6 parents, fellow year 6’s and the year 5 students because they are creating their passion projects next year. It was a great experience, my passion project went really well, my music video was a success and it was a very enjoyable experince for me. The skills I learnt from creating the music video was the sound projection, the production of editing, fiming technigues (kepping the camera still is one), lighting settings, transitions through clips, the fact of what am I going to film, the story base of the video, and all along every single clip keeping the camera in focus. The pros and cons of the presentation were these: the cons: where I was placed in the JYA foyer wasn’t exactly a fabulous place to present, there were many people crammed in my area and not as much people came to visit the area, secondly the fact that 9 people were presenting per 10 minutes at the same time, when it was my turn to present a lot of people right near me were presenting at the same time and it was very distracting for most of the people near me presenting for they had music as well. The pros were the amount of people that came to watch the presentation was a very large number altogether and when it wasn’t your turn to present you got a chance to watch other peoples presentations. I really enjoyed creating the music video and I would really encourage creating one if anyone just thinks they might like to. Thanks for reading my last post on my passion project!