Fossil Fuels and the Future Essay

Hello World,
Charlotte here with some exiting news from tuesday, for school there was a competition open for roseville rotary. You could create an essay or speech and one would be chosen from the school to present in the rotary competition. The topics chosen for the speeches in my school were for the essay: Fossil fuels and the Futue, and for the speech: Our new classroom furniture in year 6. I decided to do the essay and I was very exicited to find out that I was going to rotary! It was on tuesday night. I presented the essay (I was very nervous) and the girl I was competing with was encredibly good and had a great essay based on the topic “Courage”. It was very close but I ended up acheiving a plark stating my winning at rotary that I could keep and my name on the sheild they keep at rotary which also has other names of people who have won in the past, it was a great experince for me and I really enjoyed it.