Rainy day fun…

Hello Readers
In Australia, as you can see we have recently had quite a lot of rainy days. So I decided to make a small list of things you can do on a rainy day. Here it is:VideoClip

1) Watch a movie
Rainy days are perfect to catch up on the latest chick-flicks, action and adventure, and the great comedy marathon. It may sound like the usual, flick on the TV grab the remote and watch. But my way it’s completely different. First put some popcorn in the microwave, prepare your favourite beverage. Then clean up the TV room, get into PJ’s and grab a really fluffy, warm blanket to put on the couch. Get the room into a comfortable set up, close the blinds and turn of the lights. Get the perfect movie ready, grab your food and beverage and make your home a special homemade cinema creation.

pizza2) Homemade Pizza
On a rainy day it’s wet and cold and miserable outside, so you want to have something inside that does the oppisite. Making homemade pizza’s not only are delicious and awesome, it is a great thing to keep you occupied when you make the pizza itself, rolling the dough, flipping the base, spreading on the tomato paste. look up a homemade recipe, you then can create and eat a delicious and delightful activity.

3) Mattress slide
I know it sounds lame, but if you have a staircase in the house and grab 1 or 2 mattresses (depending on the length of the staircase) it can be a truck load of fun. Especially after seeing the princess diaries version of a mattress slide you mattress-gif-1430584491will definitely want to try this. First lay the mattresses on the staircase. Then grab some sleeping bags and as many pillows as you have, put 3 courters of the pillows at the bottom of the mattress slide and the rest on the slide. Hop into the sleeping bags and start sliding, it is especially fun to have competitions on who can get down the fastest or who can fall most elegantly, or clumsily. This is great for laughter, excitement and fun.

4) Bowling
On a rainy day it is great to have some indoor sports fun and a big chunk of competitive strikes. Strike is a great indoor place to go bowling definitely so grab your friends and get striking.

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the tips!Bowling Fire NI-5BLFIRE

Mermaid for a musical

In the junior school every 2nd year we perform a musical. This year we are doing an exciting musical on…

The little Mermaid!

It is going to be so fun and an exciting experience for all the junior school. There are main character roles with acting & singing, some just singing roles and some just acting roles. Years
5 & 6 got to audition (including me). I was very nervous at the acting & singing auditions and thought I would not get something… but I found out I got a main role- which is Grimsby. Grimsby is Prince Eric’s droll valet who was very close to Prince Eric’s father and promised to the Princes father that he would turn Prince Eric “from a roustabout into a royal.”. Unfortunately I can not be in the class song (each class in the junior school has a song that they perform) but I will still get to sing in around 2 or 4 songs and act. The little Mermaid herself will be a friend of mine, girl in year 6 who is a great actor who suits Ariel’s personality very good. I will be in 2 scenes with her so that will be fun but I do not get to be “Under the sea” because I stay with prince Eric in most of the scenes I am in. All of the junior school will be performing & singing in the musical, so it will be an exciting and fun experience for the whole of years k-6.

I can’t especially wait for costume try on, that is one of the funnest things for me.
-And stay tuned for more info on the musical.


Today at school my year 6 class found out we were going to be doing our passion projects! What that means is that each student in year 6 shall choose a passion to do a project on for a long term project, throughout term 2. Things like maybe choosing some ancient family recipes and making them into a cook book whilst cooking the recipes at home would be the sort of thing you would do. In the past other students have done things like designing and sewing dresses, learning about photography or learning how to play a new instrument or build something new. Our basic instructions are to build,learn, make or create something new that we haven’t experienced before.

After a lot of thinking I first thought of making a claymation but I decided that it would be difficult because I don’t have proper voice recording equipment and I had done it before in class so I decided not to do that but maybe something quite similar. Later I realised since I have a passion also for acting I might create a short film! It should be fun and exciting since I have not yet experienced directing, scripting, creating and editing and possibly acting in a short film before. This film will include some of my friends (and possibly me) plus my dog Milo and perhaps some family members. I have decided on making the short film around 10-15 minutes. I will also create a trailer for the presentation in the school just so the short film can be viewed by year 6 but for the school presentation I feel the movie will be to long.

I am very soon going to be starting the script and I can’t wait for this exciting project. I will be posting weekly on this project so stay tuned.



Hi everyone,
I found these quotes online that are really interesting, feel free to check them out.

1) It hurts because it mattered. -John Green

2) If you are always trying to be normal, you never know how amazing you can be. -Maya Angelo

3) The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long. – Unknown

4) Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. -Albert Einstein

5) A winner is a dreamer that never gives up. -Nelson Mandela

6) Maybe it is not about the happy ending, maybe it is about the story. -Unknown

7) We complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. -Abraham Lincoln

8) My friend thinks he is smart, he said onions are the only food that makes you cry, so I threw a coconut at his face. -Unknown

9) It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you think your not. -Denis Waitley

10) Always laugh when you can, it is cheaper than medicine. -Unknown