Hi Everyone,
My very recent “Passion/Action…” was about how I was having difficulties with my movie. Well I have decided that since I might not be able to accomplish this goal I will be doing something along the lines of my movie. In the end of my movie I was going to do a music video to end the movie good, so I remember creating different dance combinations and different aspects to it. I really enjoyed this experience so I have decided to create a music video for my passion of wanting to film & direct, still have actors dancing, structering all the different aspects and especially along with filming learning the technique of this, like the right angles, lighting, scenery and clothing. I will probably be using the app “Imovie” for many reasons- mostly that it can edit, you can voice over and the there is many affects for filming that I can use. I am very excited for this project and can’t wait to get started- I will probably tonight. My chose of song that I am using for my music video is Shutup and Dance by walk the moon.

By the way if any Rosie girls are reading this if you possibly want to be in one of my music videos let me know- It will only be for one day I will need you.



Hello Readers,
I just want to breif you up on whats going on in “Passion Action” terms. Well things are going ok. I have created my movie script and have a basic idea of the filming scedule, sometime on monday, friday and saturday. I have a few actors but I have had a few bumps on the journey: It looks I might have gone a bit to far into all the rehersals and film dates, I was intending on having girls in my year, Year 6 act in my movie but a lot of them have comitments and ofcourse passion projects like me and I am struggling in finding whom I am filming. I probably went a bit far ahead without reaising and did not understand how much comitment I was asking. But I am coping and I’m sure it will be all right in the end, I just need to keep a grip on the wheel and try to sit comfortably in the car seat. if it comes to worst I can always change climate,I could make an animated movie or stopmotion. As my favourite quote says- “It is hard to fail but it is worse to have never tried to succeed.”-Theodore Rosevelt

I wasn’t expecting that…

Hello readers,
I am just doing a very short quick post on the heading you can see at the top. If you have not noticed, realised or ever seen that heading before it is a very emotional, sad but great song by Jamie Lawson. I find very touching to me for the song is about life long love and cancer. (Trying not to give to much away.) I really recommend for you to listen to it, here is the link:



Hello world,
recently in year 6 we have been assigned to create a blog post on the materials, resources, skills and information that will need to be gathered for our passion project, this will be it. If you do not already know I am creating music videos for my project.


These are the materials that will be used to create my music video:

– The Ipad mini for the recording device
– My house and neighborhood will be used to shoot the videos
– Costumes and makeup will be needed for the people included in my videos
– I will be using Imovie as the app to create the music videos
– Friends from my school will be chosen to be in my music videos
– Time slots for shooting and creating


These are resources I will use for information:

– My family- espeically my sister is very great on technoligy and filming
– Youtube for music inspiration in my videos and tutorols on how to film


– Learning how to fully use a movie maker app
– Creating and peicing together a well made script
– Learning how emotions should properly be used in a movie
– Study the right type of song for a mood
– Acquire a credits list in movie


– How do you build the structure of a music video?
– How do I handle Imovie to create well done music videos?

How will I know I have learned this skill…

I will know I have learned the skill of making well done music videos by structuring, filming, designing, editing and creating good music videos and will have discovered positive feedback on my work.