Behind the scenes (Character post)

Hello World!
Recently in year 6 rc we have been assigned the task to create our own choose your own adventure stroies. So basically each week we write a chapter of our stories on our blogs and at the end of each chapter there will be a cliffhanger where you readers can choose what happens next by voting. My book
is about a 12 year old girl named Mable who has lived at the lepary hills underground headquarters ever since she can remember. And yes- you guessed it- she is a spy at the L.H.S.O (Lepary hills spy orginisation). She is strong, smart and skillful in every area of the spy training system there is. To introduce the character I got my friend (she owes me) to dig up Mable’s headquarter profile that is printed below:

First name: Mable

Last name: BLANK
(She will find out when she is a legal adult for her own safety)

Appearance: Smooth tan-brown hair, Electric blue eyes that always seem to have something hidden behind them, and Crimson-Taffeta lips that match her thin cheekbones.

Date of birth: 12/05/2003

Characteristics: Strong, smart and skilful inside and out.

Occupation: Member of the L.H.S.O (Lepary hills spy organisation.)

Stay tuned for the first chapter,


Term 3 learning goal

Hello Readers,
recently in class 6T we have set term 3 learning goals. I decided to set my goal on the education of fitness. This year I would like to dedicate my spare time to become fitter and stronger. This is my smart goal for term three:

My term three S.M.A.R.T. goal

Goal: I would like to become more fit

S- specific
I would like to exercise on a daily basis to increase my health and amount of fitness I complete on a daily basis
I will know I have completed my goal after completing numerous fitness challenges including the junior school athletics carnival (the 1500, 200, 100 and long jump), the school fitness test at the end of the year, netball this term, the P.E weekly Rosie run, cycling and eating healthier and more balanced.
This goal is achievable for me for I have completed many sports and fitness tests before such as Ipsha swimming for school, school sports, and numerous swimming carnivals. Also I have achieved fast cycling scores before. Exercise is also achievable for me because I have already started training with my sister for the athletics carnival.
I will complete this goal with encouragement of my friends and family and motivation of my sister.
My goal’s time will be set for mostly term three but the whole accomplishment of getting fit will be finished at the end of the year.

That was my term three smart goal and I hope you readers think it is S.M.A.R.T.
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