The Final Post…

Hello Readers,

Yes, this title does have to do very much with the topic. This is my “final Yr 6 blog post” otherwise known as “the final post”.  I am writing this post on the last day of year 6, the last day of junior school, wow. And, so I guess it is reflecting time. So, here goes nothing…


Year 6 has been a great experience. And, I have decided that the quote below is a great way to catagorise my reflecting:






Where do I begin. So many times I have laughed during year 6, here are some fond times I remember laughing:

– In leadership time, I always remember a girl in my group who never failed to make everyone laugh with her hairbrained ideas, once to represent her mind being blown, she looked up a photo of a giant explosion.

– One friend of mine throughout year 6, would crack up with me always because of some random reason, we would laugh until our lungs hurt

– Recently, at the the year 6 dinner, year 6 were dancing their hearts out with some insane moves (including me), at one point we were dancing to the Macarena



I have millions and millions of year 6 memories stored in my brain, but here are some main ones:

– The junior school musical: the little mermaid I took part in, I have glowing memories of rehearsing and performing

– My leadership role was “house captain”, I had so many amazing experiences at carnivals and fundraisers being a leader

– When we did our skate of arts I had an enjoyable experience painting my board and thinking about my politically based theme

– All year 6 camps were amazing, especially going Canberra, I learned so many things about parliament and enjoyed going to many educational centres.



This was kind of the bump in the road for the quote, I didn’t really have any “pain” in year 6 except for one thing: Hot days in summer when I didn’t have something to cool me down.



I was always 99.9% happy in year 6, but here are some highlights that made me extra happy:

– My amazing teacher Mrs T. could not have been a better teacher, every moment in class was enjoyable because of Mrs T.

– All the preparation for high school has been very fun in year 6, and has made me really happy and prepared for year 7

– Friendships, living by YOLO with friends at school has been awesome in year 6


So, I guess this is nearing the end of the final post ): (sad face). Year 6 has been awesome, from beginning to end. Here is a little poem full of words to describe year 6:

Abundant, achievement & accomplishment

Welcoming & wonderful

Educational, exciting & enjoyable

Smily & of course shining

Outstanding, optimistic & original

Memorable & marvelous

Encouraging & engaging 


I will miss you readers, thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you liked my final post.