The Final Post…

Hello Readers,

Yes, this title does have to do very much with the topic. This is my “final Yr 6 blog post” otherwise known as “the final post”.  I am writing this post on the last day of year 6, the last day of junior school, wow. And, so I guess it is reflecting time. So, here goes nothing…


Year 6 has been a great experience. And, I have decided that the quote below is a great way to catagorise my reflecting:






Where do I begin. So many times I have laughed during year 6, here are some fond times I remember laughing:

– In leadership time, I always remember a girl in my group who never failed to make everyone laugh with her hairbrained ideas, once to represent her mind being blown, she looked up a photo of a giant explosion.

– One friend of mine throughout year 6, would crack up with me always because of some random reason, we would laugh until our lungs hurt

– Recently, at the the year 6 dinner, year 6 were dancing their hearts out with some insane moves (including me), at one point we were dancing to the Macarena



I have millions and millions of year 6 memories stored in my brain, but here are some main ones:

– The junior school musical: the little mermaid I took part in, I have glowing memories of rehearsing and performing

– My leadership role was “house captain”, I had so many amazing experiences at carnivals and fundraisers being a leader

– When we did our skate of arts I had an enjoyable experience painting my board and thinking about my politically based theme

– All year 6 camps were amazing, especially going Canberra, I learned so many things about parliament and enjoyed going to many educational centres.



This was kind of the bump in the road for the quote, I didn’t really have any “pain” in year 6 except for one thing: Hot days in summer when I didn’t have something to cool me down.



I was always 99.9% happy in year 6, but here are some highlights that made me extra happy:

– My amazing teacher Mrs T. could not have been a better teacher, every moment in class was enjoyable because of Mrs T.

– All the preparation for high school has been very fun in year 6, and has made me really happy and prepared for year 7

– Friendships, living by YOLO with friends at school has been awesome in year 6


So, I guess this is nearing the end of the final post ): (sad face). Year 6 has been awesome, from beginning to end. Here is a little poem full of words to describe year 6:

Abundant, achievement & accomplishment

Welcoming & wonderful

Educational, exciting & enjoyable

Smily & of course shining

Outstanding, optimistic & original

Memorable & marvelous

Encouraging & engaging 


I will miss you readers, thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you liked my final post.




Raise Your Voice

Hi Readers,

In year 6 we have been assigned to create a post about the special event “Raise Your Voice”.  So everyone in the class writes a blog post about an issue that is important to us. So for example: recycling. I have chosen fossil fuels as my topic because I know quite a bit about what is happening with them for I have studied this topic. I actually as you may know have written an essay about fossil fuels, “Fossil fuels and the future” for the Roseville Rotary club essay competition. So to tell you about fossil fuels I will put up my essay and a powtoon explaining Fossil Fuels:


The Essay

Fossil Fuels and the future

By Charlotte F


Have you ever wondered where your energy sources come from? How does the world keep up with the demand to produce electricity for example? Many countries rely on different energy sources. Many do not have the facilities or the financial ability to even produce sustainable energy.

In Australia our daily lives depend on Fossil Fuels, if the world continues burning these fuels at the rate they are now by the time people of my age are 50, there will be none left to power air conditioning, television, computers and light.

Fossil fuels are Australia’s main source of energy. These fuels are developed into oil, coal and gas, which after they have been burnt. Unfortunately fossil fuels are finite, in other words limited & restricted. This is a problem for future generations.

Fossil fuels are not a sustainable energy source; they are prehistoric remains of living plants and animals that lived millions of years ago, some from organisms alive even before the age of the dinosaurs.   These have developed over millions of years and cannot continue to develop during a human time scale. Burning rates now are very high; approximately 21.3 billion tones of fossil fuels are burned each year.   If fossil fuels are our main source of energy and Australia continues to burn fossil fuels at this rate then these fuels will run out. We will lose our main source of energy. If this crisis does occur then what will happen to air conditioning, television, light, computers, heated pools, and hot showers? If all the countries of the world consumed fuels like Australians do, fossil fuels would have perished years ago.

There may be, however, a solution. We need to develop more renewable energy sources. Other countries are leading the way. For example, in December 2014, Scotland made enough wind power to generate 98% of Scotland’s household energy needs. Scotland’s example shows us there are solutions to this complex problem.   I know there are many people who say we need to do something to mend this problem, while not doing anything themselves. I for one would like to see Australia make a change for the better.   Will you join me?

The Powtoon


The masterpiece of appreciation

Hello world!

 FullSizeRender copy 6

“Every artist was first an amateure”

But this expertise creator isn’t much of an amateure are they? And before you ask, no I did not create this masterpiece in the preview picture. This piece was created by Josh H in year 6 who is from a neighboring school. His artwork was a part of the travelling art show that came by my school and I chose it as my favourite one. Why you ask? Well here are some reasons:

1) What materials have been used to make the artwork?


I am not 100% sure if there were some “Behind the scenes” materials behind this artwork but I am pretty sure these are most of the materials: the “canvas” was an A4 piece of paper, there were many water colours: mauve purple, grey, different shades of blue, natural greens and a little bit of orange, they are all very mild, and the outlines of the leaves were created by oil pastels.


2) What techniques have been used to create the artwork?


There were many techniques that showed within this artwork but the most outstanding ones were; beautiful watercolor painting, strokes, and clouds, realistic leaf sketching and outlining, and most importantly the right  setting of the right mix of colours.


3) What do you like about it?


I like how it resembles and reminds me of so many different things like majestic gumtrees, leaves swaying gently in the breeze, a natural bonfire scent, and the feel of climbing up the gumtree that the branch of leaves belong to.



Skate of Art…

Hello World!
recently in year 6 we have been learning about social problems and big events, so for art we made “social skateboards”. I know- WHAT? Basically everyone in year six got a skateboard canvas which was a once in a life time opportunity and we learned about street art, different fonts and social comments. On our skate boards we got to design a picture, pattern, writing or other things on our skateboards using paint, sharpies pencils, pastels, glitter and more and more to create our masterpieces, or “Skate of arts”.

My Skateboard

Memories skateboard

My social comment is that as you can kind of see in my skateboard: So many people have made memories, memorable things; say history, and all these famous quotes from people that have made history and the single words on my skateboard like change, history & stand- so many people and events have made history so, so can YOU. I chose these quotes especially because they mean change, difference or represent something. Like the quote “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King, or Malala’s story, and even the “there was never a good war or a bad peace” which represents terrible wars. Here are a two quotes that I can explain on my skateboard.

1) My first quote is “I have a dream” which you probably know. This quote is by Martin Luther King and the full quote is “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.” This quote is all about the fact of BLACK and WHITE racism, which means people judge by the colour of ones skin instead of their personality. This issue has by far gone down from what it used to be, but some are still judged by that. This quote resembles all the speeches, stands and history of Black and White racism.


2) My second quote is “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. “. This quote was stated by Malala Yousafazi  in her famous  speech at the Youth Takeover of the United Nations. This quote is all about education.  Malala has a big history, she believed in education and fought for the right of girls education. The Taliban shot her in the head aiming to silence her because she was disrupting their plans. She was okay afterwards and still fought for what she believed in, even stronger. Her story became world wide and she helped bring the rights of girls education. This quote resembles Malala’s story, and more importantly the right of education.


I hope you readers have learnt something from my social comment skateboard (skate of art), because I definitely have.



Song of the Month

Hi Readers!

Today I am doing a post of the new… Song of the Month! Although- it isn’t that surprising considering the title “song of the month” but whatever. As you may know last month I started song of the month, where each month I post a song of the month with a little bit of info about it, who it is by, some cool pictures of either the music video, artist or song making and of course the music video.


Why I chose this song

Before I tell you guys what it is I want to try and make you guess. So I chose this song because:

1) The music video is AMAZING! The artistic looks and the way they make the people look is so dramatic while fun, sophisticated and harsh.

2) I love the voice of the singer. He sounds so much like he has been threw what is in the lyrics and very, very dramatic. Also the voice of the other singer is a really clever duet: the way they fight through the music and still sound so amazing while sad.

3) The tune and beat of the song changes you. The way they take you to another place and sounds so normal while so abnormal.


Some more clues

Sorry but I love messing with you readers. Here are some facts about the song that will most likely give it away.

  • This song is by Gotye
  • It has won over 15 awards including 2 grammy awards
  • The song features the artist Kimbra
  • This song is very well known



Well now it is pretty obvious but the song is…

Somebody that I used to know!


Yay! Here is the music video and some pictures of the song in different ways:



Hope you readers enjoyed the post,



Fossil Fuels and the Future Essay

Hello World,
Charlotte here with some exiting news from tuesday, for school there was a competition open for roseville rotary. You could create an essay or speech and one would be chosen from the school to present in the rotary competition. The topics chosen for the speeches in my school were for the essay: Fossil fuels and the Futue, and for the speech: Our new classroom furniture in year 6. I decided to do the essay and I was very exicited to find out that I was going to rotary! It was on tuesday night. I presented the essay (I was very nervous) and the girl I was competing with was encredibly good and had a great essay based on the topic “Courage”. It was very close but I ended up acheiving a plark stating my winning at rotary that I could keep and my name on the sheild they keep at rotary which also has other names of people who have won in the past, it was a great experince for me and I really enjoyed it.



Hello World,
here to breif you up on my Passion Action. As I am creating music videos for my project there are lots of different elements to the proccess of making the music videos. Firstly, the songs of my videos are: 1) See you again by Wiz Khalifa, 2) Titanium by David Guetta, 3) Shutup and Dance by Walk the moon. The pros of recent filming and editing were today I got permission to use a camera to record some people dancing and having fun at my school. It is amazingly fun to brainstorm different ways of filming and shooting and the structure and storyline of my videos. The cons are with the music I can not download it on the app, I have to record from another device and it is extremly hard to make sure there is no noise in the backround. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the timing or come up at all of my footage. Thanks for tuning in,



Hi Everyone,
My very recent “Passion/Action…” was about how I was having difficulties with my movie. Well I have decided that since I might not be able to accomplish this goal I will be doing something along the lines of my movie. In the end of my movie I was going to do a music video to end the movie good, so I remember creating different dance combinations and different aspects to it. I really enjoyed this experience so I have decided to create a music video for my passion of wanting to film & direct, still have actors dancing, structering all the different aspects and especially along with filming learning the technique of this, like the right angles, lighting, scenery and clothing. I will probably be using the app “Imovie” for many reasons- mostly that it can edit, you can voice over and the there is many affects for filming that I can use. I am very excited for this project and can’t wait to get started- I will probably tonight. My chose of song that I am using for my music video is Shutup and Dance by walk the moon.

By the way if any Rosie girls are reading this if you possibly want to be in one of my music videos let me know- It will only be for one day I will need you.



Hello Readers,
I just want to breif you up on whats going on in “Passion Action” terms. Well things are going ok. I have created my movie script and have a basic idea of the filming scedule, sometime on monday, friday and saturday. I have a few actors but I have had a few bumps on the journey: It looks I might have gone a bit to far into all the rehersals and film dates, I was intending on having girls in my year, Year 6 act in my movie but a lot of them have comitments and ofcourse passion projects like me and I am struggling in finding whom I am filming. I probably went a bit far ahead without reaising and did not understand how much comitment I was asking. But I am coping and I’m sure it will be all right in the end, I just need to keep a grip on the wheel and try to sit comfortably in the car seat. if it comes to worst I can always change climate,I could make an animated movie or stopmotion. As my favourite quote says- “It is hard to fail but it is worse to have never tried to succeed.”-Theodore Rosevelt

I wasn’t expecting that…

Hello readers,
I am just doing a very short quick post on the heading you can see at the top. If you have not noticed, realised or ever seen that heading before it is a very emotional, sad but great song by Jamie Lawson. I find very touching to me for the song is about life long love and cancer. (Trying not to give to much away.) I really recommend for you to listen to it, here is the link: