Raise Your Voice

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In year 6 we have been assigned to create a post about the special event “Raise Your Voice”.  So everyone in the class writes a blog post about an issue that is important to us. So for example: recycling. I have chosen fossil fuels as my topic because I know quite a bit about what is happening with them for I have studied this topic. I actually as you may know have written an essay about fossil fuels, “Fossil fuels and the future” for the Roseville Rotary club essay competition. So to tell you about fossil fuels I will put up my essay and a powtoon explaining Fossil Fuels:


The Essay

Fossil Fuels and the future

By Charlotte F


Have you ever wondered where your energy sources come from? How does the world keep up with the demand to produce electricity for example? Many countries rely on different energy sources. Many do not have the facilities or the financial ability to even produce sustainable energy.

In Australia our daily lives depend on Fossil Fuels, if the world continues burning these fuels at the rate they are now by the time people of my age are 50, there will be none left to power air conditioning, television, computers and light.

Fossil fuels are Australia’s main source of energy. These fuels are developed into oil, coal and gas, which after they have been burnt. Unfortunately fossil fuels are finite, in other words limited & restricted. This is a problem for future generations.

Fossil fuels are not a sustainable energy source; they are prehistoric remains of living plants and animals that lived millions of years ago, some from organisms alive even before the age of the dinosaurs.   These have developed over millions of years and cannot continue to develop during a human time scale. Burning rates now are very high; approximately 21.3 billion tones of fossil fuels are burned each year.   If fossil fuels are our main source of energy and Australia continues to burn fossil fuels at this rate then these fuels will run out. We will lose our main source of energy. If this crisis does occur then what will happen to air conditioning, television, light, computers, heated pools, and hot showers? If all the countries of the world consumed fuels like Australians do, fossil fuels would have perished years ago.

There may be, however, a solution. We need to develop more renewable energy sources. Other countries are leading the way. For example, in December 2014, Scotland made enough wind power to generate 98% of Scotland’s household energy needs. Scotland’s example shows us there are solutions to this complex problem.   I know there are many people who say we need to do something to mend this problem, while not doing anything themselves. I for one would like to see Australia make a change for the better.   Will you join me?

The Powtoon



Japan Tsunami

Hi Everyone!

This week I want to show you my news report. I know- what? Well this term in year 6 Unit of Inquiry we have been studying the topic “sharing the planet” .


This involved studying the earth and making models of the earth, also learning about how changing the earths surface disrupts living things. Afterwards we learned that in ICT we would be: studying a peticular earthquake, tsunami or earthquake eruption  that has occoured in any country, making a script for a news report using the information you have gathered and then recording yourself using Imovie with a greenscreen behind to create a news report! It was a very interesting experience. Here is my news report: