Hello World,
here to breif you up on my Passion Action. As I am creating music videos for my project there are lots of different elements to the proccess of making the music videos. Firstly, the songs of my videos are: 1) See you again by Wiz Khalifa, 2) Titanium by David Guetta, 3) Shutup and Dance by Walk the moon. The pros of recent filming and editing were today I got permission to use a camera to record some people dancing and having fun at my school. It is amazingly fun to brainstorm different ways of filming and shooting and the structure and storyline of my videos. The cons are with the music I can not download it on the app, I have to record from another device and it is extremly hard to make sure there is no noise in the backround. Sometimes it can be difficult to get the timing or come up at all of my footage. Thanks for tuning in,