All about me… :)

My name is Charlotte and I am in year 6. I am not going to bore you by telling you all about my life, but I will tell you a bit about myself.


My favourite quote is: “It hurt because it mattered”- John Green. I am very passionate about this quote because it is first of all: it is by John Green, but also because it is, kind of as they say “So relatable”.


My favourite books are: Well, I don’t really have a favourite book but I love books by: John Green, Annabelle Pitcher, J.K. Rowling, Gabrielle Williams, Rainbow Rowell and a bunch of others.


What I like to do in my spare time: Surf the web, go on youtube, re-decorate my room, go to the beach, play with my dog, read and pay attention to a screen (technology).


My family: I have one older sister, a mum, a dad, a dog (Milo) who is a shmoodle (its a dog breed, you can look it up on google), and a rabbit (Miss Fluffy)


My favourite colour: My favourite colour is pink (so pretty!), but closely behind is beach surf turquoise and neon green.


My favourite subjects: My favourite subjects are art, drama, creative writing, and sport.


My favourite foods: Italian, Japanese, French, and Australian.


My favourite sports: Basketball, swimming, tennis, netball, and volleyball.


I hope these facts have helped you learn a little About Me… 🙂 😉





One thought on “All about me… :)

  • August 17, 2015 at 9:28 am

    OK I will try that
    1) TBA
    2) Might be difficult
    3) Done – I agree
    4) Done – I agree again

    PS How many pairs of high heels did you say???


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